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I went from being unheard, overworked and underpaid in this field to starting my own practice where our clinical work is the only driving voice, all with the support of an amazing team!

Erin Malicek


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up to 50% more with Finni

Automated credentialing

Get credentialed with major insurance payers in under 60 days
Guaranteed payback on sessions
Enhanced payback with select payers

Grow your practice at your comfort level

Broaden exposure with the only ABA focused provider directory
Increase high-quality client referrals with our network of payers, psychologists and paediatricians

Automated revenue cycle management

Our in-house practice management platform takes care of billing
Dedicated account manager to walk through your weekly billables
Our Team

We support providers with a world-class software, operations, and marketing team.

Bucky Khan

Marketing & Operations

Yilun Chen

Product & Engineering

Crystal Ginithan

Credentialing & Billing

Monique Lujan

Provider Success
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please send us an email!
What does it mean to become a practice owner?

Finni provides you with the playbook to start and operate your own ABA practice. We provide credentialing, practice management software and billing services. Through our platform, we’re always focused on serving you better— not the other way around. As a practice owner, you have control over the number of clients you see and the rates you work with. No matter what you decide, we’ll be there to support you in building your best practice.

Will I still have full control over my practice? Are there any requirements or expectations once I become an owner?

Finni is a bottoms up organization - we build our software and best practices around you! You will have full control over your schedule and how fast you want to grow. We work on a fee for service model through a % of billable.

What if a patient consultation isn’t a good fit?

We stand behind providers and who they can clinically care for. If you are uncomfortable with a case we will honor that.

How do you ensure providers are supported?

Founding BCBAs are treated as entrepreneurs with Finni as their support system. There is no direct report, but we will be giving you a dedicated “pod” of Finni team members to communicate progress, answer questions and offer support. Your Finni pod will be directly ensuring your success. In addition, you get access to the Finni community of BCBAs where you can get support and contribute back.

What does the benefits package look like for BCBAs?

Each Founding BCBA will be a 1099 contractor with Finni Health since you are running your own business with us as your support. Finni offers a range of benefits plans that providers can easily purchase through the platform, or you can choose plans from other vendors.