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Well ABA Therapy

Georgia Beauregard, MSW, BCBA
Across the state of Georgia
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With over a decade in the field, Georgia draws on her experience as both a BCBA and a social worker to offer a holistic approach to ABA Therapy. Prior to founding Well ABA, Georgia’s career spanned across diverse settings, including homes, schools, hospitals, clinics, and virtual platforms. She has trained and led large clinical teams, provided expert clinical consultation, and pioneered telehealth ABA programs. Georgia’s approach is client and family-centered, emphasizing collaborative goal-setting that aligns with the unique priorities of each family. She is committed to implementing evidence-based approaches that foster meaningful and sustainable outcomes for her clients and their families. http://www.wellaba.com/

My approach to therapy

At Well ABA, we specialize in providing focused telehealth ABA Therapy and Parent Consultation. Our unique approach is family-centered, assent-based, and fun, with a dedicated focus on achieving outcomes that empower our clients and their families to live well.

What to expect

Our Process is Simple: 1) An initial info call to determine if Well ABA is the right fit for your family 2) A comprehensive initial assessment to gauge the weekly level of support for you and your child 3) Virtual ABA Therapy sessions multiple times a week with a compassionate and experienced BCBA

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