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Thrive Behavior Consulting LLC

Kelli Smith, BCBA, LBA
Colorado and Virginia
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Kelli has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 2012 where she started as a behavior technician in Los Angeles, CA. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology from California State University, Santa Barbara, and a Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology. She received her Board Certified Behavior Analyst Certification in 2015 and has worked in home-based, school, and clinic settings since then. Kelli has led various clinic and home-based models as a director, and has now pursued her own venture to promote compassionate care ABA utilizing a telehealth caregiver collaboration model.

My approach to therapy

Kelli has worked with a wide variety of learners on the autism spectrum spanning from toddlers to adulthood. She has supported a teletherapy caseload over the past several years and produced successful outcomes with various clients through this treatment modality. Kelli’s passion is to work with the entire family unit in order to provide support in the settings where families need it most. Treatment provided by Thrive Behavior Consulting LLC follows a values-based model, where Kelli focuses on target areas as identified by families and individual clients. Families can expect ongoing consultation including behavioral support outside or during challenging times in the home, as well as learning functional tools to utilize every day to improve outcomes and quality of life. Thrive Behavior Consulting LLC follows an assent-based approach with clients and establishes initial and ongoing rapport throughout the therapeutic relationship.

What to expect

Families can expect an individualized model working directly with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Caregiver consultation typically involves meeting the Behavior Analyst once per week at a minimum to provide support to caregivers. Caregiver sessions may consist of the BCBA working directly with caregivers and the client to navigate challenging scenarios, or may be more consultative in nature where formal behavior interventions and other behavior tools are developed. Direct sessions with individuals will also be provided, however the frequency of direct sessions will depend on the needs of the individual and family. Telehealth services allow for families with unique schedules or rural locations to access high quality ABA interventions for long lasting success. Thrive Behavior Consulting LLC also welcomes families who choose to remain on waitlists for in-person services and would like to receive telehealth support in the interim. Treatment goals for this treatment modality may focus more on general ABA strategies to support caregivers until they are able to receive more intensive support.

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Colorado and Virginia
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