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Alexandria (Lexie) Taylor

Central Michigan Area
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Lexie is a BCBA and LBA with degrees in neuroscience and applied behavior analysis. From a young age Lexie was surrounded by a family of public servants who instilled the value of giving back and helping others. Lexie carried these values with her through her education at Central Michigan University and Capella University and through her professional experiences in ABA. Her family and friends often describe her as “ahead of the curve” due to her achievements at a young age. Some of the things she is most proud of today are her amazing fiance, her dog Ginny, her chickens, and her ability to crochet and binge watch netflix even on a tight schedule. Lexie is most excited to continue her education in neuroscience, run a uniquely successful business, and own a hobby farm with her family.

My approach to therapy

The approach we take with applied behavior analysis services is ever changing as new research and insight becomes available and we continue to strive for the best quality of care. One of the things that Lexie is known for as a practitioner is using creative and unique solutions to meet individual needs. Some of the leaders in the field that have guided Lexie’s approach are Linda LaBlanc, Mark Dixon and Tyra Sellers. We believe that the best results come from fun and engaging child led treatment with goals that aim to increase independence, and overall quality of life. However, we believe that no plan can be truly successful without empowering parents and providing the information and tools necessary for the whole family to be successful. These components as part of an entire package is what allows us to provide the highest quality of care.

What to expect

Each individual should expect a unique experience because treatment is tailored to meet individual needs and meet kids where they are. However, there are some common elements across your experience that each family can expect. From the start of intake you can expect to talk with a clinician who will be there with you through every step of the journey. You can expect regular communication and family support from clinicians that you know and trust as well as commitment to meeting your needs and doing so with the utmost integrity. We want to be honest that you may not always receive an answer or solution on the spot, but you can expect that administration and clinical staff alike will work with a network of experienced professionals to get you everything you need.

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Central Michigan Area
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