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Meredith Ringhausen

Quincy, IL and surrounding areas
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My name is Meredith Ringhausen and I am a Quincy, IL native. I graduated from Quincy University with my Bachelors in Special and Elementary Education. From here, I began teaching Special Education at Quincy Public Schools. I later taught at Camp Point Community High School and Calhoun Elementary School. During this time, I began working to become a Behavior Analyst. I received my Masters in Autism and my certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. As a BCBA, I have worked in the in-home setting and in-clinic setting, where I also served as the Clinical Director. I am now back serving my community! I live with my husband and our wonderful son, as well as our two stubborn beagles.

My approach to therapy

The practice is centered around the Quincy, IL area, and the goal is to serve clients that have limited access to behavior analytic services. I will work with the client and caregivers to create and achieve meaningful goals. Teaching will be done in the natural environment and with a play based approach. Therapy is driven by research and data to ensure progress is being made. Goals of therapy include increasing functional communication, social and play skills, and daily living skills.

What to expect

Each and every child is amazing, and I am here to help in any way I can to enhance their lives. My goal is to support growth in areas most important to the client and family. This will be a collaborative process where I will work with the family and other service providers. From the start of the intake and assessment process, families will provide what they see as most important. Therapy will be individualized to the child, but the bulk of the teaching will be in the natural environment as opposed to at a table. Outside of direct services with a behavior technician and supervision from me, the parents and I will meet frequently to ensure success. Therapy is driven by data. Progress will be monitored by this and changes will be made as necessary. Programs will be frequently updated as the child progresses.

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Quincy, IL and surrounding areas
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