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Brick House Consultants

Laren Michelle Pedersen MS, BCBA
Greater Fort Collins Region, CO and Cheyenne, WY
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"The KeyStone" -The brick that holds it together- Laren is a passionate individual with 20 years of experience. Laren was born and raised in Colorado and lives in Windsor with her two beautiful children. Laren was a registered behavior technician, paraprofessional, special education teacher and a Lead BCBA and supervisor.

My approach to therapy

Laren welcomes new findings such as - Trauma Informed Care - Practical Functional Assessment, Gender and Sexuality and Value Based Care.

What to expect

She is an integral player in the Colorado community and is always embracing new findings and team members. Laren embraces the spirit of team unity and works well building bridges in challenging situations, within the home, school and community environments.

Accepted Insurance
Tricare West
 per session

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Greater Fort Collins Region, CO and Cheyenne, WY
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